Top Bitcoin Mining Pools of 2018

Those who have their mining hardware for Bitcoin, and who want to get started may want to consider joining a mining pool. These pools are groups of people who work toward completing a block using their combined hash power, and who will then share the rewards from their work. This can make the rewards somewhat more predictable, and many people find that they like being a part of a mining pool. It also makes it easier to get rewards, as there needs to be a lot of hashing power involved to come out on top.

If a person wishes, they do not have to be a part of the same mining pool forever. They can change and redirect their hashing power to a different pool if they choose, and they can do this whenever they want. There are many different mining pools out there from which you can choose.

While you might think that a smaller pool would mean that you have fewer people to share the reward with, you also have to remember that having a smaller pool means you will have less hashing power. Therefore, there will be fewer rewards to be given out in most cases. In most cases, you will find that having larger mining pools will mean better rewards, regular payments, and lower fees for processing. In addition, the larger pools tend to have more security when it comes to keeping you and the others in the pool safe from cyberthreats.
Three Great Pools to Consider

The first mining pool ever created began operating in 2010. It is called Slush Pool, and it is still one of the top options to consider when you want to join a mining pool. They are based out of the Czech Republic, and they have servers all around the world. This is a large and well-known pool that has consistent uptime, and that allows all of those who are part of the mining pool to have a voice in the voting system. This has helped to make it a popular pool over the years, and it is still one of the top pools in 2018.

One of the largest of the mining pools for Bitcoin today is called Antpool, and it is located in China. In fact, it is owned by Bitmain, the company that makes the Antminer Bitcoin mining tools. They are a massive pool that accounts for about 25% of the blocks mined through the Bitcoin Network. They are highly secure and have a quality interface that makes it easy to use, even for those who are just starting out in this field.

Bitmain also operated a mining pool called, which it took control of in 2016. This is a large, public mining pool that can be joined by anyone. They are a large and very popular mining pool, and they have a high level of security and reliability, which help to make them one of the top choices.

These are three of the best and largest mining pool options today, and they are all ideal for those who are just getting started.