Bitcoin Mining Hosting Service


Bitcoin mining hosting service pricing varies all over North America, Canada, Europe and in Asia depending upon the local electrical power rates. Our company has researched miner hosting pricing all over the World to source our clients the best possible miner hosting options available. Along with electricity rates, there are several other factors that miner clients need to consider when researching a qualified mining hosting service.


1) Geography – The majority of Bitcoin and GPU miners are content with a mining colocation facility within their Country of residence. Mining hosting companies will unpack your miners and rack and stack them for a standard installation fee. They will also monitor your miners and offers eyes and hands support. For more technical issues (ie) replacing a fan, miner hosts will charge an hourly fee from $100 -$200 an hour.


2) Competition – It is always not just about electric costs. Bitcoin mining hosting service pricing depends upon the geographic location and competition. If there is only one miner host in a market, that host can charge a higher premium for clients who want a local presence. Alternatively, if there are several miner hosts in a specific location, miners will usually choose the least priced and most qualified option for their specific hosted miner requirements.


3) Obstacles – In the North America, most miner clients look to Washington State or Quebec because of their well known cheap electricity rates and cooler climates. That is all well and good but well informed clients will need to consider other variables. Like many other areas with growing Crypto mining facilities, WA state and Canada public electric utilities have been raising rates on mining hosts at will. Will your pricing change after a month or two into your contract term? A majority of the miner hosts in WA and Quebec impose “miner minimums” of 100-500 units to start. These kinds of obstacles make it hard for the small miners who just want to get started.



Bitcoin Mining Hosting Service Pricing

(Pricing and options may vary from the time of this writing)



Atlanta, Georgia – The best “all in” KW rate we have seen in Georgia is approximately $85 per KW. Antminer S9 can be hosted at $100/month plus a $99 one-time install per machine. Some of the local GA electric companies are very open to working with miner farms so we expect pricing to become even better in 2018 with the addition of some new host facilities!


Central New York State – KW rates from $75-$90 “all in” depending upon the payment term and volume. At the $70 KW, miners can expect to pay approximately $100/month for an Antminer S9 and $70 for an Antminer L3. New York State electrical companies are considering a “surcharge” on miner hosting facilities so these rates may change soon.


Charlotte, North Carolina – Depending upon the miner host, KW rates vary from $120 -$150 “all in.” A S9 will cost $170/month and an L3 will cost around $100/month. Today, there about three mining hosting service providers catering to miners in the Charlotte metro area.


Chicago, Illinois – KW rates range from $120 – $200. To colocate an Antminer S9 in Chicago, the best pricing is $169/month. Antminer L3s will cost around $96/month as well. Very few of the traditional Chicago colocation providers offer space/power to miners but we expect that to change with the rise in demand.


Dallas, Texas – Miner hosts in Dallas offer KW rates from $120 – $150 “all in.” The best price for an Antminer S9 is $165/month and for an Antminer L3 is $120/month. The majority of “miner friendly” host there are traditional data center operators who have set aside underutilized rack space and power for miners.


Denver, Colorado – Denver and the Centennial State are not ideal for miner hosting at the time of this writing. The majority of “miner friendly” hosts charge over $150 KW. Please check back with us with an update because pricing and options are changing quickly in the Crypto hosting market place.


Houston, Texas – KW rates range from $100 – $150. Antminer S9 colocation starts at $140 a unit which includes space, power, Internet and cooling. Like anywhere in the Southern States, cooling the miners is a very important consideration. We recommend visiting the facility before you sign the contract.


Indiana – All in KW rates start at $90 – $125 per KW. Antminer S9 pricing starts around $125 per unit. L3 start around $100/month. Today, there are four miner hosts in Indiana and we expect that number to grow if the Crypto market stays strong.


Las Vegas, Nevada – KW rates in Vegas start at $125. S9s can be colocated for $167/month and L3s around $110/month. This is a popular destination for California based miners who want to escape the high electricity costs in their home State.


Los Angeles, California – The majority of CA miners can’t achieve a decent ROI hashing away with the high cost of electricity in CA with KW rates starting at $200 KW. If you need to be close to home, we have a miner colo that charges $275/month per S9. Most of our miner clients are comfortable with either Nevada or Washington State.


New Jersey –  KW rates in Southern NJ are more competitive compared to Northern NJ. We have options starting at $120 KW. S9s can be hosted at $165/month and L3s around $110 – $120/month. Southern NJ is an ideal location for miner clients looking to escape the higher electricity costs of Northern NJ and New York City.


Oregon – The State of Oregon is challenging for miner hosting. There are several options available but the majority of miner hosts there either have zero capacity or they require a very large upfront minimum of miners. KW rates start at $110 KW and S9s can be hosted for $160/month.


Phoenix, Arizona – Commercial power rates in Arizona are expensive and there are very few miner hosts available. KW rates start at $175. Antminer colocation rates start at $200+/month.


Quebec, Canada – Well known for its cost-effective electricity rates and cooler climates, Quebec KW rates start at $70. Depending upon the miner host and their minimums, S9 and L3 pricing start at $65 a unit. If you want the best rates, be prepared to commit to 100+ miners to get the best pricing.


Tampa, Florida – Unlike Miami, Tampa offers decent KW rates staring at $85 KW. Hosted S9s will cost $120 and L3+ Antminers starting at $100. Similar to other Southern States, miner clients need to be concerned about cooling their miners in the hot months of summer.


Virginia – Power rates in Virginia and in the DC area start at $125 KW. S9 pricing starts at $175. If the demand for Crypto mining hosts stays high, we anticipate addition legacy DC area data centers will start to offer miner hosting packages and the prices should drop.


Toronto, Canada – Not as cost-effective at Quebec, Toronto KW rates range from $125 – $150. Antminer S9 colocation starts at $175/month. L3+ units cost approximately $110/month. As with other North American markets, we expect more Toronto colocation providers to start offering mining hosting services in 2018 so stay tuned!


Wisconsin – With a cooler climate and KW rates staring at $110, the State of Wisconsin has attracted several mining hosting facilities. Depending upon the volume, Mining clients can expect to see S9 prices ranging from $150 – $160 a month.