About Us

About Us


Interested in building your wealth through bitcoin mining? If so, you no doubt realize that going it alone is all but impossible. Today, the incredible number of other miners actively seeking new blocks makes it highly unlikely that a bitcoin mining rig operated in a residential facility will achieve profitability.


There is hope, though.


Bitcoin mining hosting ensures that you have powerful computational power at your disposal, and alleviates the challenges involved with hosting a mining rig at your residence. Of course, finding the right mining hosting provider can be an immense challenge, but that’s where Bitcoin Mining Hosting Service comes in.


What can we offer you?


Free Service


We provide you with the most experienced experts in the colocation industry, at no cost. Our service is completely free, and we’ll match you with the top-rated bitcoin mining rig hosts in your area.


The Best Miner Providers


We’ve been involved in the colocation industry for years. During that time, we have forged strong relationships with leading providers. We know which data centers have the best facilities, the best uptime guarantee, the most redundant power and cooling systems, and the best onsite and digital security. We match you with the best miner providers for your needs, whether you are a single miner, or represent a full mining pool.


Peace of Mind


Perhaps the single most important benefit for working with Bitcoin Mining Hosting Service is that you gain the peace of mind you deserve. Free of worrying about choosing the best bitcoin mining hosting provider, you’re able to focus on building your wealth.


Are you ready to take the next step? We invite you to get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote on bitcoin mining hosting from the best-ranked data centers.